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Coin Purses & Small Bags



This new, slimline wallet is neat and perfect for every day or special occasions. It is light weight and secure to hold your coins, notes, phone and include slots for 6-8 cards. Available in your chosen colours and patterns these suit any age and purpose.

Bag measurements:

-Width 22cm, height 12cm, depth1-2cm 




This is a new style of bag is a convenient size, has a genuine, Australian-leather base and stands on its own. With detachable wrist strap it is perfect as a small handbag, make-up bag or sewing kit bag.

Bag measurements:

-Top width 22cm, height 18cm, depth 5cm

-Pockets (2 open) 12cm high and 10cm wide

-Detachable strap 19cm



Coin Purse size - $10 

Small - $ 12

Medium - $14

Large - $16

These little bags are padded and can be used for whatever you desire. Ideas include holding your coins, cards, lipsticks, mascara etc for your touch-ups during a special event or night away.

The medium and large sizes are suitable to fit your reading glasses and sunglasses (respectively) inside.

Bag measurements:

Coin purse -Width 13cm, height 7.5cm, depth 0.5-1cm

Small - Width 14cm (at widest point), height 5.5cm, depth 5cm

Medium - Width 16.5cm (at widest point), height 6.5cm, depth 5cm

Large - Width 18cm (at widest point), height 8cm, depth 5.5cm

-All with zip closure


Mikayla - Micro suede or Satin


These stylish pouch bags would be ideal for day or night use, casual or special events. For added convenience, these bags have a small pocket inside suitable for a phone or keys. They cleverly fold flat for easy storage or when packing for a trip away. 

Bag measurements:

-When in use, top and base widths 11m (can open to 20cm), height approximately 20cm, depth 15cm at widest point.

-Front pocket (open) 12cm high

-Each handle 50cm.




This handy wrist bag would suit anyone wishing to only carry the bare essentials on a night out or party. It’s convenient strap slips around the wrist and the bag zips securely lengthways. Made from black floral oriental brocade with an acetate lining; this bag also contains a small pocket.

Bag measurements:

-Height 15cm, Width 22cm

-Small inside pocket 11cm wide

-Large inside pocket (zip) 19cm wide

-Wrist strap 13.5cm.




This gorgeous purse is small and convenient yet large enough to carry this items you need. Suited for supporting your outfit on a special occasion, this purse with certainly make a statement!

Bag measurements:

- Top width to 10cm, height 12cm, depth 7cm


Medium Bags



This pretty pink cotton bag could be used for any occasion. With a floral front, it is topped with a pink toned flap and has matching handles attached by gold rings. It is lined with complementary pink polyester viscose. For extra security, it has two magnetic closures and two good-sized pockets for your convenience. 

Bag measurements:

-Openiing width 24cm, height 19.5cm and depth 7 cm.

-Small pocket (open) 12cm high and 10.5cm wide

-Large pocket (open) 12cm high and 14 cm wide

-Each handle 45cm




This elegant bag, in its natural toning’s, is made of silver/fawn lame with a tweed base. Embellished with a black pleated organza ribbon and finished with black and silver ric rac. It is lined with rich black sateen. This bag closes with a black jewelled button and loop, and would be perfect for any occasion.

Bag measurements:

-Top width 25cm, height 21cm and depth 5cm.

-Small pocket (open) 11cm high and 10cm wide

- Large pocket (open) 11 cm high and 16 cm wide

-Each handle 46cm.


Evening & Special Occasion Bags



This bridal or debutante bag is made from white cotton damask and delicately decorated with lace, sequins and beads. It is finished with a turned, scalloped top edge and for convenient carrying; this bag has white cord drawstring handles. 

Bag measurements:

-When in use, the bag measures to approximately 18cm high, 19cm wide, and 11cm deep.


Bag measurements:

-Top opening width 28cm, height 14cm (plus 7cm pleats).

-Pocket (open & expanding) 11cm high and 9cm wide

-Strap 114cm



This vintage style bag is suitable for any occasion! Finished with a pleated opening and velvet feature, this crimson sateen bag has an over the shoulder strap. Secured with two gold-magnetic clasps, it is lined with crimson polyester and has a small pocket for your necessities. 

Bag measurements:

-Top width 25cm, height 21cm and depth 5cm.

-Small pocket (open) 11cm high and 10cm wide

- Large pocket (open) 11 cm high and 16 cm wide

-Each handle 46cm.




This is a very elegant bag suitable for evenings out or special events. It has four soft pleats which fall from a firm top panel and is delicately decorated with three handmade green-black zebra roses with silver edgings. These are finished with four machine sewn leaves and three small strings of faux pearls. With a short strap, zip closure and two pockets, it is a beautifully crafted bag.

Bag measurements:

-Top width 26.5cm, height 18cm, depth 6cm

-Zip opens to 21cm

-Small pocket (open) 11cm high and 8cm wide

-Large pocket (open) 8cm high and 13cm wide

-Strap 64cm


Tote & Large Bags

Juliette - Gold silk


This beautiful bag would be perfect for anyone as a gift or for someone attending a special event such as a wedding, dinner or gathering. With 2 large pockets, 2 magnetic closures and gorgeous decorative front and back, this might be the bag for you!

Bag measurements:

-Top width 28cm, height 33cm and depth 8cm.

-Small pocket (open) 13cm high and 9cm wide

-Medium pocket (open) 13cm high and 11 cm wide

-Large pocket (open) 13cm high and 20cm wide

-Each handle 70cm.


Katie - Large


This bag is trendy enough to be used during a special occasion or with a more casual outfit. It is of a convenient size, has 6 external pockets as well as 4 internal pockets. The entire bag closes nicely and securely with 2 strong magnets or a zip.

Bag measurements:

-Top width 42cm, base width 32.5cm, height 32cm and depth 12.5cm.

-6 external pockets height 16cm, approx 15cm width

-4 internal pockets height 15cm, approx 15.5cm width (1 velcro, 1 zip, 2 open)

-Each handle 59cm.




Our "Poppy" series are great day-to-day bags. They are perfect when shopping, for work and for generally 'popping things in'. Made from a durable polyester canvas, they are strong, stain, water and fade resistant and are easy to clean by wiping down or hand washing in warm water . They have the extra convenience of folding to a small size, securing with a strap and 'popping' in your handbag.

Bag measurements:

- Width 45cm, height 36cm, depth 12cm

- Each handle 70cm

- Folds down to a small compact size




This tote bag is perfect as a knitting or library bag, when going shopping, on a picnic or as an overnight bag. It is made using stylish black and white patterned material and has two long shoulder straps for easy carrying. This bag is securely closed with a long zip, and contains multiple pockets to hide your essentials. 

Bag measurements:

- Width 40cm, height 37cm, depth 9cm

-Small pocket (open) 9cm high and 10cm wide

- Medium pocket (open) 9cm high 14cm wide

- Large pocket (velcro) 9cm high and 23cm wide

-Each strap 90cm



These unique "no knit" scarves are perfect for any occasion and each scarf will suit an assortment of outfit colours. Made from a range of decorative threads, wools and ribbons, they are available in:

Summer thickness - $20

Winter thickness - $25 

Scarves can be made to order using colours to match your outfit or your personal preferred colourings.